WFP to keep giving nourishment grains to Bhutanese refugees at helpless condition

Jan 27, 2017-United Nations World Food Program (WFP) Nepal has said that it would ceaselessly give sustenance grains to Bhutanese displaced people at living in helpless condition in Nepal in spite of its impulse to lessen the bolster attributable to money related crunch.

WFP said that it was constrained to diminish the amount of sustenance grains gave to Bhutanese evacuees in Nepal because of intense smash of budgetary allow from the earliest starting point of this current year. There are around 11,000 Bhutanese evacuees in Nepal now relying upon helpful support.

An official statement issued by the WFP Office on Friday expressed that the WFP, be that as it may, would proceed with its support to somewhere in the range of 3, 100 exiles including elderly, impaired people and single parent.

Correspondence Officer of WFP Nepal, Shitashma Thapa, said that the WFP has been giving sustenance grains to Bhutanese outcasts living since 1992. RSS

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